UAH Global Satellite Temperature Time Series

Satellite data file from Global Temperature Report of the University of Alabama Huntsville is updated monthly.

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Select plots from the legend on the right, click and drag over a section of the plot to zoom in, or use the options in the hover menu to zoom, reset the plot, download an image (SVG), etc.

NOTE: selecting different plots in the legend on the right does not change the link in the address. If you want to link to this page and show a specific plot, follow the instructions below.


How to link to this page and show specific plots

The link to this page without any parameters displays the Global Average (90°N – 90°S), like this:

You can link to this page with query parameters separated by "&" to show or hide specific plots.

Query parameters always start with a "?" followed by the parameters.

For example, to hide the (default) Global Average (ga) plot and show the Tropics All (ta) and the Northern Hemisphere All (na) plots:



Query Parameters

Parameter Description Latitude
ga, gl, go Global All, Land, Oceans 90°N – 90°S
na, nl, no Northern Hemisphere All, Land, Oceans 0° – 90N°
sa, sl, so Southern Hemisphere All, Land, Oceans 0° – 90S°
ta, tl, to Tropics All, Land, Oceans 20°N – 20°S
nxa, nxl, nxo Northern Extratropical All, Land, Oceans 20°N – 90N°
sxa, sxl, sxo Southern Extratropical All, Land, Oceans 20°S – 90S°
npa, npl, npo Northern Polar All, Land, Oceans 60°N – 90N°
spa, spl, spo Southern Polar All, Land, Oceans 60°S – 90S°
us48, us49, aus US Lower 48, US 48 plus Alaska, Australia?